Outdoor pollution has risen 8% in five years with fast-growing cities in the developing world worst affected, WHO data shows

If you do not have a real system in place for protecting your ride from contaminating elements, you are in real danger of losing a critical component in your vehicle’s resale value. If your choice is to upgrade to a new ride, via trade-in at a car dealership, it’s important to understand that the used car appraiser at the dealership is trained to look at the condition of the finish to determine it’s trade-in value. If the paint is not up to par, it could mean the loss of thousands of dollars in trade in value. However, your mission is not impossible…
You’ll Learn 5 Valuable Truths From The Automotive Appearance Guide & CD Blueprint:
  • Learn how to protect your automotive finish from “dying before it’s time”.
  • Learn how washing your car the wrong way can actually cause more damage.
  • What is a clay bar and why is it one of the most important tools in your arsenal?
  • Learn the difference between synthetic paint sealants vs. old school traditional paste wax. Which is better?
  • A list of the top secret, "hard to find" products used by most high-line detail shops.

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