Bumper And Paint Repair Service In Under 2 Hours, Performed At Your Home Or Work,

No CARFAX Report And No Insurance Claim - Guaranteed.

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Basic Service
1 Visit
Full damage repair using our exclusive Pocket Blending Technology™
Premium Service
2 Visits
Initial Visit: Full damage repair using our exclusive Pocket Blending Technology™
Return Visit: 3M Perfect-It™ System application
Lease Turn-In Survival Package
1 or 2 Visits With Access To Vendor Network
Initial Visit: Full damage repair using our exclusive Pocket Blending Technology™
Return Visit: 3M Perfect-It™ System application (Optional)
Lease Turn In Survival Guide And Unlimited Access To Vendor Network Of Appearance Services
Newlook VIP Membership
Multiple Visits: All Inclusive
Full exotic detail with paint and bumper repair procedures for 2 years. Quarterly inspections with ongoing detail, scratch removal and bumper repair as needed.
LIMITED: Pre-Screening Consultation Required
EXCLUSIVE: Exotics Only


Scraped paint off both front and rear bumpers. Called Dan of Newlook he came out to my house and in about an hour they were gone. He was fast and professional. My husband had some deep scratches that penetrated the paint right next to his door handle, which he had to look at everyday. Called Dan, it looks new again. Excellent job. Highly recommended. - Google
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Paint / Scratch Repair

For minor repairs, our Sikkens paint matching system has up to 70,000 different variants of color so there is no reason not to find a perfect match. Combine this with our Pocket Blending Technology™, clients are always pleased with the results they get with our paint repair services. Many are concerned about their insurance premium increasing if they file a claim for minor paint and scratch repair. The cost of our repair is usually less than the deductible. Paint and scratch repairs are typically completed in 1 to 2 hours, while a body shop will keep a vehicle for 2 days or more. For a FREE online estimate ---> Click Here

Bumper Repair

We encourage clients to allow us to repair rather than replace bumpers whenever possible to reduce waste being dumped in the landfills. Repairing a scuffed or scraped bumper is often cheaper than replacement when you have the technology. This also eliminates the wait for parts to be shipped. Newlook Body Works uses an advanced bumper repair system, minimizing the repair area to require less paint and clear coat; therefore, reducing VOCs being released into the atmosphere. Ultimately, this means zero downtime for the client. For a FREE online estimate ---> Click Here


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