It was a great experience!

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works repainted my front and back bumper and did a great job at an amazing price. They were fast and their customer service was quick and great. They answered my call quickly and came on time to the appointment. It was my first time using them and I would definitely use them again and recommend them to friends. - Customer Lobby


5/5 Stars.

The front bumper on our daughter's vehicle had been scraped real bad and we had been avoiding having anybody take a look at it. We had used Dan from Newlook Body Works before and we knew he does a great job, so we decided to finally give him a call.

He's punctual, he gets the job done quickly, he does what he says he's going to do, and I think his price is incredibly fair. I would highly advise people to give him a call. The convenience of not having to take your car anywhere is great and not having to leave it anywhere while the work is being done is also wonderful. The car looks brand new. - Customer Lobby

Awesome job. I did not have to do anything. Dan came to my home and did the job in less than an hour!

5/5 Stars.

I highly recommend New Look because of the convenience and the quality of work. Dan came to a location that I requested and gave me an estimate. Then he told me to check out the competition before making a decision. I chose New Look because the price given was better than fair, Dan set up an appointment. Dan completed the repair at a location that I requested. I did not have to leave my car and pick it up at a later date, I drove my car the next morning to work.

The only possible set back that I could see is the weather. Because Dan is mobile the sun has to be shinning to get the job done.

Thanks Dan....I will recommend your service to others. - Customer Lobby


5/5 Stars.

Prompt, professional,and excellent work.- Customer Lobby

Met every appointment as scheduled…

5/5 Stars.

Dan met every appointment as scheduled, he worked through very hot weather to get the job completed correctly and on time.

My '03 Saab looks so much better with the repairs. You'd never know it was ever damaged and repaired. - Customer Lobby

Highly Skilled

I was very impressed with the guy that I dealt with from Newlook Body Works. He was very knowledgeable and just displayed a high level of professionalism. He really knew what he was doing and his ability to describe what needed to be done in such a clear and easy to understand manner really made me more comfortable with him. I guess I would just describe him as highly skilled. I definitely would recommend him to anyone who is in the market. - Customer Lobby

Fantastic results.

5/5 Stars.

He was on time and came exactly when he said he would. The work was performed in a very timely and professional fashion. - Customer Lobby

I saved over $400.00 !!!! and looks like new

5/5 Stars.

What a great service!!! After someone backed into my car at the mall, I went to a local body shop for an estimate. They told me that my bumper cover would have to be replaced. The estimate was more than I wanted to spend at the time and although it was embarrassing, I left the car the way it was. A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me about Newlook. One call and the rest is history....having someone return a phone call, show up on time, and then do quality work seems unheard of in this day and age. Dan surpassed my expectations at every turn. Thank you sooooo much. - Customer Lobby

Comes directly to your home

5/5 Stars.

Dan was very efficient when making repairs to my truck and professional. It is always great when a car detailer comes directly to your home to provide a service for your transportation and does a great job! Thanks Dan! - Google

Very helpful. Great communication. Fantastic people.

5/5 Stars.

Overall I have had a wonderful experience working with Newlook Body Works and I personally think they are a great service. Everyone there is highly professional and extremely courteous in their demeanor. The pricing was very affordable for the service provided and overall I think I got a great value out of it. I would absolutely use them again in the future and have recommended them to many people I know. - Customer Lobby

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