Glad to have found them

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works did a terrific job for me. Everyone I talked to was very responsive and answered all of my questions. They're also cost effective, knowledgeable, and really a pleasure to work with. Daniel did incredible work on two of my cars. I recommend him highly since he goes the extra mile to help his customers. The quality of his service is not easy to find these days. - Customer Lobby

Not cheap, but a lot better than a body shop.

5/5 Stars.

Got the basic package and it just worked out perfectly. These scratches were deep and couldn't be buffed out or self repaired. Not cheap, but a lot better than a body shop. - Yelp

Good job NewLook!

5/5 Stars.

Can't say enough positive things about NewLook and Dan Anderson! While sitting at my desk at work, Dan magically erased a scratch that covered one whole side of my car. It's like new again! Thanks Dan!!
Gloria - Customer Lobby

Awesome job. I did not have to do anything. Dan came to my home and did the job in less than an hour!

5/5 Stars.

I highly recommend New Look because of the convenience and the quality of work. Dan came to a location that I requested and gave me an estimate. Then he told me to check out the competition before making a decision. I chose New Look because the price given was better than fair, Dan set up an appointment. Dan completed the repair at a location that I requested. I did not have to leave my car and pick it up at a later date, I drove my car the next morning to work.

The only possible set back that I could see is the weather. Because Dan is mobile the sun has to be shinning to get the job done.

Thanks Dan....I will recommend your service to others. - Customer Lobby

Great work, Great price!

5/5 Stars.

I have to say that I cannot believe how good of work was done for me by the guy from Newlook Body Works. I need a spot on my car touched up and he was able to do it for a great price! I really was surprised at how quickly he not only responded to my call, but how quickly he was able to do the work as well! It honestly took him no more than an hour. Now you cannot even tell what area of my car he worked on! If I ever need a touch up again I will not hesitate to call these guys up! - Customer Lobby

Great work!

5/5 Stars.

Very pleased with the quality and professionalism of Newlook Body Works. Dan is a great technician and also great to work with. I highly recommend them. - Customer Lobby

A++ business

5/5 Stars.

Just used Newlooks for repairs to plastic surfaces on panniers and fuel tank on my BMW K1600GTL motorcycle. Using their online site I got an estimate and booked the repair only two days out. Dan showed up on time, with his fully equipped vehicle and all the supplies needed. The most important thing he showed up with was talent. He made the repairs onsite in my driveway and left my motorcycle looking good as new. I mean the repairs were perfect! Great response, totally fair pricing, and repairs as artwork make this an A++ business. - Google

Did an outstanding job

5/5 Stars.

What I really liked about the guy from Newlook Body Works is that he was very timely and courteous. I called these guys to have them come take a look at and repaint an area of my car that had gotten a little scratched up. I really liked that he really took his time to make sure that the paint he used matched the rest of the car so that I did not have an obvious two toned spot. Once he had the paint right he did the work in no time at all which was really impressive. He did a truly outstanding job, and you would honestly not be able to tell where he did the work unless you had seen it before he fixed it. I would definitely use these guys again if the need arose! - Customer Lobby

Met every appointment as scheduled…

5/5 Stars.

Dan met every appointment as scheduled, he worked through very hot weather to get the job completed correctly and on time.

My '03 Saab looks so much better with the repairs. You'd never know it was ever damaged and repaired. - Customer Lobby

Above and beyond!

5/5 Stars.

We had some deep scratches on our Honda Pilot that we thought could not be repaired by anyone other than a body shop. How amazed and grateful we were that every single scratch was removed! No trace of the damage at all! And the cherry on top was how much we saved compared to taking our vehicle to the dealer or a body shop. The service was prompt and professional and we would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. - Customer Lobby

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