100% Satisfaction

5/5 Stars.

I recently backed into my wife's car and put a good size dent into the driver's door. I knew someone who could take the dent out and he suggested I give Dan a call for the touch-up. Was that a grest idea! The paint is a copper metallic and Dan was bloody brillant with the blend work he did. I do not know the amount I saved through my dent repair friend and Newlook, but I'm sure it would have been in the hundreds! The added plus is my wife never knew. - Customer Lobby

Getting an estimate was quick and easy!

5/5 Stars.

Getting an estimate was quick and easy! You can book your appointment online. Dan is friendly, knowledgeable and very punctual! The work was done at my home so I did not have to spend a week or more without my vehicle. End result was fantastic and the cost was a third of what the auto body shop was going to charge! I would definitely recommend Newlook to friends and family! - Google

Quite a Craftsman

5/5 Stars.

Dan at Newlook was an outstanding representative and craftsman working on my car. His approach on the phone, through the estimate, and then in person is professional integrity at its best, with clear explanations, prompt arrival, and a shared smile with you when the results are revealed. I had minor damage to be repaired on a new car with black metallic paint, and in between the cheap services with temporary results and the expensive overkill of body shops was the right approach of spot blending with filler and airbrush techniques that are truly amazing. A deep gouge/scratch on the front bumper? Gone, like it was never there. Paint chips from rocks? Seamlessly filled with factory matched paint. The black would show any imperfections, but there are none. All of this in a couple of hours at my location. I'm blown away by how simple and effective the work is from Newlook Body Works and Dan Anderson! I will absolutely call him again, and I highly recommend him to others ๐Ÿ™‚ - Customer Lobby

Great job, fair price and on time.

5/5 Stars.

Great job, fair price and on time. Good communications and very friendly and accommodating. - Google

I saved over $400.00 !!!! and looks like new

5/5 Stars.

What a great service!!! After someone backed into my car at the mall, I went to a local body shop for an estimate. They told me that my bumper cover would have to be replaced. The estimate was more than I wanted to spend at the time and although it was embarrassing, I left the car the way it was. A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me about Newlook. One call and the rest is history....having someone return a phone call, show up on time, and then do quality work seems unheard of in this day and age. Dan surpassed my expectations at every turn. Thank you sooooo much. - Customer Lobby

Very professional and personable.

5/5 Stars.

Dan at Newlook Body Works is excellent. He patched my bumper and repainted it and he was very patient with me because I had originally planning on doing the job myself. He walked me through all of the steps and it was fascinating because I like to see how things work.

Dan has excellent workmanship and he is very professional, not only in his ability to run a business but to make the atmosphere more enjoyable for his customers. I will return if I ever need their services again. - Customer Lobby

Customer satisfaction is important to them.

5/5 Stars.

This is the third or fourth time that I have used Newlook Body Works. Every time that I have occasion to use them I find they go out their way to try and accommodate my needs and I am always more than pleased with the outcome of the finished product. They strive to do the job right and customer satisfaction is important to them. - Google

Great, professional work @ a reasonable price

5/5 Stars.

Dan @ Newlook covered a small scratch and a larger scrape on my new vehicle. My vehicle is bright red and very reflective, thus showing imperfections easily.

Dan worked tirelessly getting everything to match to my liking! (I can be pretty picky about my vehicle paint)

Whether you're a soccer mom needing a few scratches touched up, or an automobile enthusiast with high end specialty cars, look no further than the good folks @ Newlook Body Works! You won't be disappointed! - Customer Lobby

Gratifying experience, my car looks like brand new again!

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works really lived up to its name and made my car look like new. I had a small chip and dent out of the fender on the driver's side of my car. I tried to touch it up, but it wouldn't work. I decided to get with Newlook Body Works, and Dan had someone do a dent repair before he did the paint. There was a slight indentation left, and he said that if it bothered me they could do it all over again. Now I can't even see it! I'm very pleased with their service and I would definitely use them again. - Customer Lobby

Great work for a fair price, excellant service with very professional staff

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works came to my house and fixed several scratches on all four of my cars in one trip. The quote was free and the rep was very professional. I highly recommend these guys if you want the job done right at a fair price. I took my Toyota Thundra to a body shop to make a minor repair and they charged me more than I paid for all four cars with Newlook Body Works - Customer Lobby

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