It looks brand new!!

5/5 Stars.

I liked the value and integrity at Newlook Body Works. I liked the interactions between Dan and the customer, and how he explained everything. He took care of the front fender. It would have had to be replaced according to other estimates, but he did not have to do that. It looks brand new! - Customer Lobby

Very accommodating!

5/5 Stars.

I have used Newlook Body Works three times to remove scratches from my car. He saves you a lot of time because he comes to your home and works on Saturday. I had somebody back in to me and he did a great job matching the paint exactly. You can not even tell that anything ever happened. He does high quality work. I appreciate how accommodating he is. It is difficult when you work everybody but he makes it so easy by coming to you. He always does an excellent job. - Customer Lobby

Great value, quick turnaround

5/5 Stars.

I brought my car to Newlook Body Works for the first time to repair some paint damage after a fender bender. The repair was excellent and you can't even tell my vehicle was ever damaged. There was also a little crack in the plastic that he was not able to repair, but this company's quote was less than half that of another shop. Newlook Body Works offers a good value and I highly recommend their services. - Customer Lobby

Efficient, professional, and experienced!

5/5 Stars.

I had a scratch on my vehicle that was so deep, you could feel it when you ran your hand across it. So Newlook Body Works worked on it for about 90 minutes and had to put some filler and lots of buffing with meticulous rubbing on it. It was not only that you couldn't see it but you couldn't feel it. He made it completely disappear--I don't even know how he did it. - Customer Lobby

Not cheap, but a lot better than a body shop.

5/5 Stars.

Got the basic package and it just worked out perfectly. These scratches were deep and couldn't be buffed out or self repaired. Not cheap, but a lot better than a body shop. - Yelp

You cannot tell where the old scratches were..amazing

5/5 Stars.

This is amazing. I paid such a low amount for numerous rock marks, two places where my garage door hit the bumper and a big scratch on the side. I have an AMG Mercedes, and wanted to make sure it was done correctly. You cannot tell where the previous marks are on the car, it is fantastic! Will definitely recommend and use this service again. The guy was supremely professional and on time. - Customer Lobby

It was a great experience!

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works repainted my front and back bumper and did a great job at an amazing price. They were fast and their customer service was quick and great. They answered my call quickly and came on time to the appointment. It was my first time using them and I would definitely use them again and recommend them to friends. - Customer Lobby

Very Happy

The reviews are true - NLBW does great work. Very happy with end result (rock chips & scuffed bumper) and will use again/recommend. - Customer Lobby

Professional, convenient, excellent value and service.

5/5 Stars.

We were very pleased with Newlook Body Works. We had a minor accident which scraped the paint on our car, so we needed to have that taken care of. We found out about Newlook online, and based on the reviews on their website we figured they might work. The technician came to our house, which was very convenient. He arrived on time, and even called me each time about half an hour before just to make sure that we were good to go. The work was done in an efficient manner, and he did an excellent job. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Newlook! - Customer Lobby

Excellent all the way around!

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works came out and gave me an estimate. They were on time, and called beforehand to remind me of the appointment. It was cold outside, and they still did the work. They were also very meticulous and did everything right, and they would keep going back to make sure they had it right before doing the next coat. They were excellent! - Customer Lobby

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