Revamp Your Ride: Chemical Guys Detailing Tips to Transform a Dirty Car into a Shiny Gem!

Don't wash your car every week? Look, we get it! Months of dirt and grime can leave your car looking ultra gross. This video takes your ride from "ew" to "niceeeeee" in no time! Starting with those super dirty wheels, Joey uses Chemical Guys' Signature Series Wheel Cleaner to break down stuck-on dirt and brake dust, finishing with Total Extract for deep-cleaned tires. Using the two-bucket wash method and the Big Mouth Foam Cannon, Joey lays down a thick, luxurious Citrus Wash & Wax foam, scrubs away months of dirt with The Piledriver wash mitt, and finishes with the Speed Mammoth Drying Towel for a streak-free shine. Pampering your ride with an at-home car detailing is the perfect way to make up for all those months of neglect. Now that you have a clean ride, sit back, relax, and enjoy the shine!


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