Is the Body Shop your only option when you have minor damage? Download Robbery Without A Gun and discover the dirty little secret they don't want you to know.

When you have a scraped bumper or a scratch on your car, your first thought was to take it to the dealership or an independent body shop. Now, body shops have their place, mind you. If you have severe damage, a crushed door panel or front end damage due to a collision, then yes, a body shop would be the only option. But for minor repairs, the body shop is not your only option. In fact, it is your worst option.

Clients, time and time again, tell me of the horror they feel after the guy doing the estimate at the body shop says that, for minor damage, they will need to remove parts, paint large sections of the vehicle, keep it for a week, a CARFAX report will be triggered.

All this for that little scratch?

This Is What You Will Learn From Robbery Without A Gun:

1. - The dirty little secret that car dealerships have known for decades and have kept for themselves.

2. - The devastating effects of a CARFAX report and why you don't want one.

3. - Get your repairs done without filing an insurance claim.

4. - What is "Diminished Value" and why you want to avoid it at all cost.

5. - Why the body shop is hardwired to treat minor damage as if it were "movie stunt car over a cliff" heavy damage.

6. - *BONUS* : Discover a really unorthodox way of repairing your minor damage for a fraction of the cost of a body shop and in less time!


Warning: This Book Is R-Rated (RESTRICTED)


The secrets presented in the book are geo-specific. Meaning, that the hidden technologies, products, services and methods that are presented in this book are so uniquely rare that they are extremely limited in availability. Simply put, this book is useless to you if you don’t reside where these technologies, products, services and methods are available.

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