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Zero Downtime For You

(Reprinted from October 23, 2011)


Auto Paint Specialist, Dan Anderson, talks to his customers about maintaining the auto paint surface to protect it from age and corrosion. He advises them to wash the car regularly and to apply a quality wax every few months. “Waxing your car provides a shield to protect it from the harsh environment; the sun beating on a car will cause the paint to fade.”


Business has been good for Dan, who takes pride in providing professional service to his customers. People are keeping their vehicles longer, creating a demand for scratch and bumper repair. Maintaining the auto body paint is important for resale value as well.
The demand for cosmetic auto repairs has led to another consumer demand. Many people are too busy to leave their vehicle at an auto body shop for days at a time.
Newlook Body Works is a company that meets this demand in the industry. Their mobile approach, performing service at the customer's home or business, saves consumers time and money on minor repairs. They provide quality, professional service without the inconvenience of leaving your vehicle at a body shop. A free online estimate system is in place to provide customers with an estimate of needed repairs.

So what are the advantages of letting us repair your bumper, minor scratch and paint damage instead of the body shop?

  • Less Cost: Because of our low overhead, we are able to deliver virtually the same quality repair for up to 75% less of what you would pay a traditional body shop.

  • No Vehicle History Report: Whenever your car is repaired by a body shop, a record of the repair may be recorded with CARFAX or another reporting agency. This can greatly reduce the value of your car during trade in.

  • Convenience: The body shop will need to keep your car for several days. Our repair can be done at your home or place of work in just a few hours!

Basic Service
1 Visit
Full damage repair using our exclusive Pocket Blending Technology™
Premium Service
2 Visits
Initial Visit: Full damage repair using our exclusive Pocket Blending Technology™
Return Visit: 3M Perfect-It™ System application
Lease Turn-In Survival Package
1 or 2 Visits With Access To Vendor Network
Initial Visit: Full damage repair using our exclusive Pocket Blending Technology™
Return Visit: 3M Perfect-It™ System application (Optional)
Lease Turn In Survival Guide And Unlimited Access To Vendor Network Of Appearance Services
Newlook VIP Membership
Multiple Visits: All Inclusive
Full exotic detail with paint and bumper repair procedures for 2 years. Quarterly inspections with ongoing detail, scratch removal and bumper repair as needed.
LIMITED: Pre-Screening Consultation Required
EXCLUSIVE: Exotics Only



"We recently had a tear in our bumper and it was gonna cost us $800 to have it fixed at body shop. Dan was able to fix it like it was plastic surgery! He snipped and cut, welded and put back together, and when he was done you couldn't tell there was any damage at all, and that was for only $290! What a deal!" - Jack B.


I used Newlook Body Works for the first time, and the online quote process was quick and easy! They called me back the same day and sent me a quote. Once I got it, they came out the next morning and did all the work in two and a half hours. The work they did is excellent! You can't even see where the work starts and stops! - Josh R.


"The thing that I loved most about my experience with Newlook Body Works was that they made the process so simple and easy. It was really easy to upload the pictures and get a quote in a timely manner. Once I agreed to the price they were able to get someone out really quickly to work on my car. The fact that they come to you is also a huge plus in terms of convenience." - Tara B.