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Save Time/ Avoid The Body Shop

Bumper Repair At Your Location

"Going to the body shop is such a pain. It's expensive and time-consuming. What if a body shop expert made house calls? That is exactly what Newlook Body Works does." - David A.




So what are the advantages of letting us repair your bumper, minor scratch and paint damage instead of the body shop?

  • Less Cost: Because of our low overhead, we are able to deliver virtually the same quality repair for up to 75% less of what you would pay a traditional body shop.

  • No Vehicle History Report: Whenever your car is repaired by a body shop, a record of the repair may be recorded with CarFax or another reporting agency. This can greatly reduce the value of your car during trade in.

  • Convenience: The body shop will need to keep your car for several days. Our repair can be done at your home or place of work in just a few hours!


This is the first time using Newlook Body Works. I needed my front right bumper repaired and they did a great job! Most appealing was that I didn't have to take it to a shop, he came to me which is so convenient! Service was great with less cost all around! - Robert D.
I used Newlook Body Works for the first time, and the online quote process was quick and easy! They called me back the same day and sent me a quote. Once I got it, they came out the next morning and did all the work in two and a half hours. The work they did is excellent! You can't even see where the work starts and stops! - Josh R.
"The thing that I loved most about my experience with Newlook Body Works was that they made the process so simple and easy. It was really easy to upload the pictures and get a quote in a timely manner. Once I agreed to the price they were able to get someone out really quickly to work on my car. The fact that they come to you is also a huge plus in terms of convenience." - Tara B.



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