Spectacular service

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works is fantastic! I've used them about four times in the past and Dan always does an incredible job. He's helpful, professional, and committed to his work. He always fixes my car on time and has a knack for auto detailing. I'd strongly recommend Newlook Body Works. - Customer Lobby

Quality work at a fair price

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works touched up two doors on the driver's side of the pickup truck. They were on time on the scheduled appointment that took exactly the allotted time I was told it would, and they did excellent work. The price was fair--and they were knowledgeable and courteous. - Customer Lobby

Great Job

5/5 Stars.

Having a family of 5 we are always get little knicks and scratches. Dan has repaired my vehicle several times and all the repairs look as good as new. - Customer Lobby

Exceptional service.

5/5 Stars.

My experience with Newlook Body Works was very positive. Dan showed up on time with everything needed to repaint my bumper and he did an outstanding job. He was also very nice, professional, and knowledgeable. I liked his attitude and thought he worked very efficiently. The prices were very fair for the quality of work done and I'd recommend Newlook Body Works to anyone. - Customer Lobby

Excellent work and service

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works are convenient, reliable, I think that is the most important. The type of quality work to that degree, to be mobile, being customer friendly, and with a price range that's more than acceptable is hard to find. I've used them in the past because they're just so great. Recently, they repaired the chips in paint from rocks that hit my car on the road. I was pleased with the work and plan on using their services again. - Customer Lobby

Met every appointment as scheduled…

5/5 Stars.

Dan met every appointment as scheduled, he worked through very hot weather to get the job completed correctly and on time.

My '03 Saab looks so much better with the repairs. You'd never know it was ever damaged and repaired. - Customer Lobby

Excellent and prompt service

5/5 Stars.

I called Newlook Body Works because I had a couple little scrapes on my back fender. He arrived on time and fixed it perfectly; I can't even tell where they were now. It was a really quick process and the cost was very reasonable. Scheduling the appointment was easy and he was able to address any questions I had. I thought he was very professional, courteous, and helpful. I would use their services again if needed. - Customer Lobby

Excellent communication, price and quality!

5/5 Stars.

I've used Newlook Body Works in the past. Dan is very communicative and does a great job. He helped me with some touch up paint and you can't tell where the original paint starts and where the new one ends. If you're looking for good service at a good price and quality, call Dan! - Customer Lobby

Great Job!

5/5 Stars.

They fixed a 12" scratch and made it look like it was never there...Tremendous service and would definitely recommend to a friend! - Customer Lobby

Very customer-service oriented.

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works was recommended to me by a local car salesman. I was using a friend's car and needed some work done on it right away.

It was late on a Friday when I contacted Newlook Body Works. They came right out and gave me and estimate. They did the work that Wednesday.

Newlook is very customer-service oriented. They are worth the look. - Customer Lobby

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