It looks brand new!!

5/5 Stars.

I liked the value and integrity at Newlook Body Works. I liked the interactions between Dan and the customer, and how he explained everything. He took care of the front fender. It would have had to be replaced according to other estimates, but he did not have to do that. It looks brand new! - Customer Lobby

I highly recommend Dan

I highly recommend Dan with any of your auto paint repairs. He comes to you and in less than a couple of hours has your vehicle looking as good as new. - Facebook

Excellent all the way around!

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works came out and gave me an estimate. They were on time, and called beforehand to remind me of the appointment. It was cold outside, and they still did the work. They were also very meticulous and did everything right, and they would keep going back to make sure they had it right before doing the next coat. They were excellent! - Customer Lobby

Great work for a fair price, excellant service with very professional staff

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works came to my house and fixed several scratches on all four of my cars in one trip. The quote was free and the rep was very professional. I highly recommend these guys if you want the job done right at a fair price. I took my Toyota Thundra to a body shop to make a minor repair and they charged me more than I paid for all four cars with Newlook Body Works - Customer Lobby

Flawless work

5/5 Stars.

I have a 1971 Jaguar and there was some paint chipping and a few scratches that had happened due to the age of the car. Dan from Newlook Body Works was kind enough to come and take a look at the affected areas, and he actually recommended that I go to a place to get the color of my car analyzed. Once the analysis was complete, they gave me a color code that I handed over to Dan and he was able to mix the paint to match the exact color of my car. Once he started working he was very quick and efficient, and once he was done I honestly could not tell where he had done work. If I had not seen the car beforehand I would have thought it was still the original paint job. It was really refreshing to see that Dan not only takes pride in his work, but also in the process in which he does it. The areas he worked on still look fantastic and I am incredibly impressed with Dan's skills. - Customer Lobby

Friendly and personable

5/5 Stars.

Dan from Newlook Body Works was friendly and personable. He came out to my job site, and he gave me an estimate. He was willing to work with my schedule, and come on the weekend. The job itself was well done, and I cannot think of anything that really needed to be done. The quality of the work they did was great, and the service was convenient. - Customer Lobby

Great work!

5/5 Stars.

Very pleased with the quality and professionalism of Newlook Body Works. Dan is a great technician and also great to work with. I highly recommend them. - Customer Lobby

Good job NewLook!

5/5 Stars.

Can't say enough positive things about NewLook and Dan Anderson! While sitting at my desk at work, Dan magically erased a scratch that covered one whole side of my car. It's like new again! Thanks Dan!!
Gloria - Customer Lobby

Excellent Service

5/5 Stars.

Daniel repaired several scratches and rock chips on my 2014 Lexus ES350. His work is incredible and now I can sleep at night knowing my vehicle is back at 100%. More importantly, his professionalism is top-notch and I believe he could teach a few classes on what customer courtesy really is!


All around excellence.

5/5 Stars.

This company is easy to work with and does quality work. The weather turned just as the job was being finished; however, they assured us that if needed they would come back and buff out anything that was needed after the car cured for one week. Delightful! - Customer Lobby

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