My experience with New Look Body Works was excellent!

5/5 Stars.

It was a very positive experience with New Look Body Works. I dealt with them before and both times they were excellent. I hired them to do some bumper repair, so everything is taken care of. They were excellent people to work with; I highly recommend it! - Customer Lobby

Met every appointment as scheduled…

5/5 Stars.

Dan met every appointment as scheduled, he worked through very hot weather to get the job completed correctly and on time.

My '03 Saab looks so much better with the repairs. You'd never know it was ever damaged and repaired. - Customer Lobby

He was fast and professional.

5/5 Stars.

Scraped paint off both front and rear bumpers. Called Dan of Newlook he came out to my house and in about an hour they were gone. He was fast and professional.

My husband had some deep scratches that penetrated the paint right next to his door handle, which he had to look at everyday. Called Dan, it looks new again. Excellent job. Highly recommended. - Google

What else can you ask for?

5/5 Stars.

Wonderful experience! Super easy, efficient and inexpensive. What else can you ask for? - Google

Very convenient!

5/5 Stars.

Great Work! Great Service! Very convenient! - Google

Very personable

5/5 Stars.

What I liked about the guy from Newlook Body Works is that he was very personable. He came right on time and took very good care of the car. There were a bunch of kids running around and he was kind to the kids even though they asked him some pretty peculiar questions which I thought was awesome. It was just an all around good experience and I would definitely use these guys again. - Customer Lobby

Very professional and personable.

5/5 Stars.

Dan at Newlook Body Works is excellent. He patched my bumper and repainted it and he was very patient with me because I had originally planning on doing the job myself. He walked me through all of the steps and it was fascinating because I like to see how things work.

Dan has excellent workmanship and he is very professional, not only in his ability to run a business but to make the atmosphere more enjoyable for his customers. I will return if I ever need their services again. - Customer Lobby

A great experience. Very convenient.

5/5 Stars.

We had a garage door come down and scratch the back of our car. We called up Newlook Body Works and they came out and fixed it right at the house. It was very convenient. He had done some work on our car previously at the dealership which is how we knew to call him. - Customer Lobby

Very easy to work with

5/5 Stars.

What I really think was great about the guy over at Newlook Body Works is that he was really easy to work with. I was able to do the majority of the process online, from scheduling to paying which was really convenient. The guy who came to do the work was awesome. He called before he came to let us know he was on his way, showed up on time and really got right to work. He finished super quickly and he did a super great job. He even touched up a couple of spots on my car that were not part of the original estimate for no additional charge. He really went the extra mile for me which I really appreciated. This is definitely a much better value than taking it into a body shop and he does his work significantly faster than a body shop would have. If you need some spots taken care of, this is definitely the guy you want doing it! - Customer Lobby

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