Getting an estimate was quick and easy!

5/5 Stars.

Getting an estimate was quick and easy! You can book your appointment online. Dan is friendly, knowledgeable and very punctual! The work was done at my home so I did not have to spend a week or more without my vehicle. End result was fantastic and the cost was a third of what the auto body shop was going to charge! I would definitely recommend Newlook to friends and family! - Google

Simply the BEST!

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works is THE place to go for body work! Dan's professionalism, courtesy, expertise and value stands ahead of all the rest in the industry. I am a loyal customer and will continue to be so forever. I highly recommend Newlook Body Works! - Customer Lobby


5/5 Stars.

Newlook are very prompt, courteous, and do very good work. Their craftsmanship is very good. I'm familiar with the work they did from being in the industry and Dan did a fantastic job. He wouldn't take less than perfect for a result. - Customer Lobby

Very Personable and Helpful

Dan from Newlook Body Works came out to my house and sanded down all the chipped and flaky paint on the rear hatch door of my SUV. He worked on a couple other places i requested and even did a couple of extra spots that weren't included in the original request. I was really happy with all the work he did, I thought it was great.

It was convenient to have him come right to my house, i didn't have to go anywhere and sit and wait. I was able to work in my home office while he was outside, so I thought that was a great advantage. I thought Dan was very personable and helpful. He recommended that I have someone buff the paint out because it was getting old and could use a good buffing to bring the color back up. It was nice to get that recommendation as well. - Customer Lobby

The First Person I Would Recommend

I took my car to Newlook Body Works because it had scratch on it. They were able to fix that and get it to a point where it pretty much looked seamless. You'd have to look really hard to notice that anything had happened. This was the first time I had used Newlook Body Works, but I've already recommended them to some other folks and I would definitely go back myself. Dan is the first person I'd recommend for this type of problem. The cost was very reasonable and he worked really hard on it too. He worked hard for my satisfaction, and that's the truth. I would say he is someone who actually cares about his customers and tries hard to make you satisfied. - Customer Lobby

Flawless work

5/5 Stars.

I have a 1971 Jaguar and there was some paint chipping and a few scratches that had happened due to the age of the car. Dan from Newlook Body Works was kind enough to come and take a look at the affected areas, and he actually recommended that I go to a place to get the color of my car analyzed. Once the analysis was complete, they gave me a color code that I handed over to Dan and he was able to mix the paint to match the exact color of my car. Once he started working he was very quick and efficient, and once he was done I honestly could not tell where he had done work. If I had not seen the car beforehand I would have thought it was still the original paint job. It was really refreshing to see that Dan not only takes pride in his work, but also in the process in which he does it. The areas he worked on still look fantastic and I am incredibly impressed with Dan's skills. - Customer Lobby

Dan spot painted my car

5/5 Stars.

I had a couple of scratches on my car from some bushes that I had parked by and Dan over at Newlook Body Works was able to save me a small fortune by painting the affected spot rather than having to go and get a complete paint job. Dan was super professional and he came to me which was great! I did not have to worry about my car being held for too long because he worked on the car right in front of my house which was super convenient. Once he was done working on my car you could honestly not tell there had been scratches in the first place! The price was great and I would definitely use him again should the need arise. - Customer Lobby

Excellent service, Newlook Body Works is wonderful

5/5 Stars.

Recently I had a scratch on the back of my car so I took it to Newlook Body Works. They fixed the scratch in one day and I really appreciated their timing and speed. Their customer service was outstanding and they're really well put together. If you're in need of any body work for your car, go to Newlook, they will take great care of you and your vehicle. - Customer Lobby

Did an outstanding job

5/5 Stars.

What I really liked about the guy from Newlook Body Works is that he was very timely and courteous. I called these guys to have them come take a look at and repaint an area of my car that had gotten a little scratched up. I really liked that he really took his time to make sure that the paint he used matched the rest of the car so that I did not have an obvious two toned spot. Once he had the paint right he did the work in no time at all which was really impressive. He did a truly outstanding job, and you would honestly not be able to tell where he did the work unless you had seen it before he fixed it. I would definitely use these guys again if the need arose! - Customer Lobby

All around excellence.

5/5 Stars.

This company is easy to work with and does quality work. The weather turned just as the job was being finished; however, they assured us that if needed they would come back and buff out anything that was needed after the car cured for one week. Delightful! - Customer Lobby

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