A wonderful experience with Newlook.

5/5 Stars.

I was very pleased with Newlook Body Works' service. The door for my car's gas cap was knocked off at the car wash, and the car behind me ran over it. Newlook was able to fix it, as well as a few scrape marks on my front bumper. They matched the coloring of my car perfectly. Aside from the quality of their work, the way they do business is excellent. When they come to your home they confirm your reservation a day before, and they call an hour before they arrive. They also send you e-mails with an explanation of what they did, an invoice, and a receipt. Overall I had a wonderful experience with them. I'll be sure to use them again when their services are needed, and refer them to friends as well. - Customer Lobby

Great experience!

5/5 Stars.

Having Dan come to my home and repair my car was fabulous! He was very professional.

Not having to take my car somewhere and be inconvenienced while waiting was the best ever!

He did a great job! - Customer Lobby

Great job, fair price and on time.

5/5 Stars.

Great job, fair price and on time. Good communications and very friendly and accommodating. - Google

Very customer-service oriented.

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works was recommended to me by a local car salesman. I was using a friend's car and needed some work done on it right away.

It was late on a Friday when I contacted Newlook Body Works. They came right out and gave me and estimate. They did the work that Wednesday.

Newlook is very customer-service oriented. They are worth the look. - Customer Lobby

He can enhance the appearance of your vehicle

5/5 Stars.

I've used Newlook Body Works once before and called them again because Dan is real professional who is real knowledgeable of his craft and what he is doing. I had scratches on the right fender of a 2003 Pearl White ES 300 Lexus, and I can't see anything there now because Dan went in and repaired it real well. He was very responsive and very quick.

I made an appointment that he confirmed, and I got another call from him shortly before the appointment. He was there on time. Overall, it was a good experience and I don't feel like I was being taken advantage of or anything like that. He's real people-friendly, so that's a plus. I would recommend Newlook to people who have something small that needs to be taken care of on their vehicles. - Customer Lobby

Did what I wanted at a great price

5/5 Stars.

I had shopped around and no one would agree to even take a look at the job that Dan over at Newlook Body Works did for me. What I wanted was a small spot touch up paint job and every other place wanted to paint the whole section of the car and charge me way more than Dan would. Dan got the paint to match the color of my car and when he showed up to do the work he was able to do it super fast. Once he was done you would honestly not be able to tell where he had worked at all. My car looks great again and I am very happy with the price. I would recommend him to everyone who needs a similar job done, because this guy is great! - Customer Lobby

High Quality Service!

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works repaired some paint damage to my 2016 Chevrolet Suburban that was located in the rear area of my truck. The results are excellent! The company was professional by providing a prompt estimate and doing the work on time. I can't tell where the damage is anymore. I would recommend this company to others. - Customer Lobby

Above and beyond!

5/5 Stars.

We had some deep scratches on our Honda Pilot that we thought could not be repaired by anyone other than a body shop. How amazed and grateful we were that every single scratch was removed! No trace of the damage at all! And the cherry on top was how much we saved compared to taking our vehicle to the dealer or a body shop. The service was prompt and professional and we would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. - Customer Lobby

Did an outstanding job

5/5 Stars.

What I really liked about the guy from Newlook Body Works is that he was very timely and courteous. I called these guys to have them come take a look at and repaint an area of my car that had gotten a little scratched up. I really liked that he really took his time to make sure that the paint he used matched the rest of the car so that I did not have an obvious two toned spot. Once he had the paint right he did the work in no time at all which was really impressive. He did a truly outstanding job, and you would honestly not be able to tell where he did the work unless you had seen it before he fixed it. I would definitely use these guys again if the need arose! - Customer Lobby

I’m very pleased with them.

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works has worked on three of my cars. Each instance, they have done exactly what I asked and everything has turned out well. I am pleased with their work and would use them again.

I highly recommend them. I thought their prices were reasonable and their quality of work was excellent. And, they come to your home to do the work. That's about all you can ask for. - Customer Lobby

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