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Friendly and personable

5/5 Stars.

Dan from Newlook Body Works was friendly and personable. He came out to my job site, and he gave me an estimate. He was willing to work with my schedule, and come on the weekend. The job itself was well done, and I cannot think of anything that really needed to be done. The quality of the work they did was great, and the service was convenient. - Customer Lobby

Worth every penny…

5/5 Stars.

"Great service would recommend to anyone definitely worth every penny. Service comes with a lifetime warranty as long as you own the vehicle!!! Professional to say the least!!" - Google

Very Pleased

5/5 Stars.

I am very pleased with Dan over at Newlook Body Works. I had bought a car off lease from a company and it came with a couple of dings and scratches on it. Dan came out and while he did not deal with the dings, he referred me to a great place that could take care of that for me. He did however paint the bumper and all the scratches right there in my driveway which was super convenient. Not only was it convenient, but he saved me a mint by not having to take it to a body shop. My only regret is that I did not know about Newlook Body Works a couple of years ago because I had the same thing done for some previous cars and it cost me way more than this. - Customer Lobby

Very pleasant, professional service.

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works was referred to me. They did some paint touch-ups on my car that gave it a very nice look.

They were pleasant and right on time. They did exactly what they told me they were going to do.

I also liked using a local business. I have already recommended Newlook Body Works to 3 other people. - Customer Lobby

As advertised…

5/5 Stars.

I honestly relied on the reviews and was somewhat skeptical. However; I am sold on Dans' service. He was professional and his work is just as professional as well! - Customer Lobby

They provided excellent service

5/5 Stars.

I used to run a car dealership and I had used Newlook Body Works for 10-15 years. They always did a good job. I've never had to go back to them to have anything fixed, and if there ever was a problem, they were very willing to take care of it.

Recently, I had a service vehicle that went out on a call and got scratched. They talked to me on the phone and worked out an appointment to take care of it. They were very willing to accommodate me. They do what any good business should do. - Customer Lobby

Top notch

5/5 Stars.

Dan's customer service is top notch. He took the time and effort to make sure I was completely happy with the work he performed. I would highly recommend his work to others. - Google

Dan is does great work.

5/5 Stars.

They're local guys, a guy named Dan Anderson runs the place. He's a great fellow. He's easy to get in touch with, easy to schedule with, and he does great work. Plus, he's a whole lot less expensive than a body shop. It is a pretty solid package. - Customer Lobby

Dan was very accommodating.

5/5 Stars.

The one time I've worked with Newlook Body Works, I had to postpone my scheduled appointment. Dan was very helpful. He found the best possible accommodations for a painting job (my house couldn't quite fit it), and he changed the days without any trouble. - Customer Lobby

Excellent Experience at Newlook Body Works!

5/5 Stars.

This was my first time at Newlook Body Works, they did a paint repair for my BMW 650i. I'm a wheelchair user and the panel had scratches on it. They fixed it pretty nice, and you cannot tell the scratches. Everything was great and better than I expected. I highly recommend them to anyone, and I would absolutely use them again. - Customer Lobby

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