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Very Pleased

5/5 Stars.

I am very pleased with Dan over at Newlook Body Works. I had bought a car off lease from a company and it came with a couple of dings and scratches on it. Dan came out and while he did not deal with the dings, he referred me to a great place that could take care of that for me. He did however paint the bumper and all the scratches right there in my driveway which was super convenient. Not only was it convenient, but he saved me a mint by not having to take it to a body shop. My only regret is that I did not know about Newlook Body Works a couple of years ago because I had the same thing done for some previous cars and it cost me way more than this. - Customer Lobby

Gratifying experience, my car looks like brand new again!

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works really lived up to its name and made my car look like new. I had a small chip and dent out of the fender on the driver's side of my car. I tried to touch it up, but it wouldn't work. I decided to get with Newlook Body Works, and Dan had someone do a dent repair before he did the paint. There was a slight indentation left, and he said that if it bothered me they could do it all over again. Now I can't even see it! I'm very pleased with their service and I would definitely use them again. - Customer Lobby

Dynamite customer service

5/5 Stars.

Dynamite customer service and the work was far beyond our expectations! I HIGHLY recommend. - Google

Deeply satisfied.

5/5 Stars.

Beyond excellent services and customer services. Dan is the Man! I had a 10am appt today on 2/24. Deeply satisfied. Thx Dan. - Google

A good service.

5/5 Stars.

Had a couple of people claim the price was a little high, although estimate from body shop was much higher. Excellent work. Looks brand new. Cant beat the service. - Customer Lobby

I will never go to a body shop again!

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works did did a great job. They saved me a lot of time by coming to my location, and they also saved me a lot of money. They painted my car and worked on the shift. They were very friendly, very fast, and very affordable. - Customer Lobby

Great Service!

5/5 Stars.

Dan showed up right on schedule and wasted no time at all getting to work. He was more than happy to answer all my questions that I had about what he was doing while he worked on my car. I'm sure not everyone watches the entire process like myself, but he didn't seem to mind me observing his work. He is a true craftsman and professional. I will be recommending New Look Bodyworks to all my friends and I won't hesitate to call them if I need any more work done.- Customer Lobby

Very convenient!

5/5 Stars.

Great Work! Great Service! Very convenient! - Google

Great Attention to Detail, Great Pricing!

5/5 Stars.

Newlook Body Works is excellent. From the start, when I first got in touch with Dan, to the finish, every aspect of the work was great. Even the communication aspect was so smooth. He's very tech savvy and it's easy to communicate with him via email and text. The way Dan takes care of his business, the way he is very informative of everything in the field, the procedure he undertook--all of it was very convenient. He fixed a deep scratch on the back wheel well of my car and he did an amazing job. It looks perfect. The pricing was great; if I took it into a dealer or an autobody shop, they'd kill me with what they'd charge. My experience with different body shops tells me that this is the most affordable price you could get anywhere. He was extremely professional and efficient throughout. He was also punctual and was there when he promised. There was this one moment where he came over for the second part of the service and he noticed tiny bubbles where he'd painted. There happened to have been a little bit of water where the gas tank was and it had dripped into the paint job. He immediately told me he would be back to take care of that. He just wanted to make it perfect. He had great attention to detail and you could tell he took pride in his work. - Customer Lobby

Quality service and great craftsmanship from a caring businessman who takes pride in his work

5/5 Stars.

I was referred to Newlook Body Works when my car was damaged. I called Dan up and he responded. We met a couple weeks ago and he gave me an estimate for the damage to my vehicle. We negotiated a date for him to come to the house to repair it. He showed up promptly when he said he would and did the job.

Dan at Newlook Body Works does great work. I have nothing but praise for him. The friends who recommended him to me certainly know what they're talking about. He's well known around here and gets lots of business. I would hire him again in a hot minute. - Customer Lobby

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