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Mobile paint repair is attracting a lot of attention. It’s the least invasive way to repair automotive paint. For the busy customer, the speed and mobility of the process ensures that they won't be without their car. Mobile paint repair is a popular solution for drivers who want to save time and money.

Enter Dan Anderson, EPA certified paint repair specialist with Newlook Body Works. New technologies have been developed, refined and perfected by Newlook in the application of exotic and show cars. By bringing Pocket Blending Technology™ to busy consumers, Newlook offers convenient, same-day service with affordability. With a mobile body shop providing scratch and bumper repair at one’s home or workplace, the savings customers enjoy is up to 75% less of what they would pay a traditional body shop. Newlook Body Works guarantees a quality, professional finish.

Newlook Body Works was founded in 1991 and has serviced car dealerships for over 25 years. Newlook has only recently offered their service exclusively to the general public. A FREE online estimate system is in place to provide customers with a quick estimate of needed repairs.

Dan Anderson's Bio: Dan Anderson is an EPA certified paint repair specialist that has been in the automotive appearance business since 1983. Having started as a graphic designer for Trim Line / Auto Trim Design servicing car dealerships and body shops. In 1991, he founded Newlook Body Works, a company specializing in paint repair technologies. Dan is the author of four books including the controversial Robbery Without A Gun, an exposé of the hidden service practices of car dealerships and body shops that made him a renegade in the car industry. With over 300+ 5 star reviews, Newlook has earned the position as the only paint repair company trusted by more drivers in the Midlands of South Carolina for over 30 years. Newlook is also partnering with the Ferrari Store. Dan Anderson lives in Lexington, South Carolina. - Facebook Profile

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Client Reviews:

Very Personable and Helpful
Dan from Newlook Body Works came out to my house and sanded down all the chipped and flaky paint on the rear hatch door of my SUV. He worked on a couple other places i requested and even did a couple of extra spots that weren't included in the original request. I was really happy with all the work he did, I thought it was great. It was convenient to have him come right to my house, i didn't have to go anywhere and sit and wait. I was able to work in my home office while he was outside, so I thought that was a great advantage. I thought Dan was very personable and helpful. He recommended that I have someone buff the paint out because it was getting old and could use a good buffing to bring the color back up. It was nice to get that recommendation as well. - Customer Lobby
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