A Special Message From Dan Anderson…


Hello Dear Friend,


We’re concerned for your health and safety. We encourage you to adopt safe health practices to help protect you and your family. To learn more, visit the CDC at cdc.gov. You can also get more information from the website of your local health department.

Beware of scams. Especially in times like these, criminals will try to impersonate charities, businesses, and government agencies. So watch out for suspicious e-mails, texts, or calls that ask for personal information.

Here at Newlook Body Works, we understand that, given the present Caronavirus crisis, repairing your car’s paint may be lower on the priority list than other things needed to stem the tide.

But, for some, their vehicle has a direct bearing on their income. For those of us who use their vehicle as a means of advertising, the appearance of the vehicle is essential in promoting, maintaining and securing new business. This will be even more crucial in the weeks and months to come.

Whether or not this is true of you, for a limited time, we are providing an additional Special Recovery Discount of $100.00 off your service*. This discount is in addition to the Social Media and Early Booking Discounts. This translates into savings of up to $160.00 off our Premium Service and $130.00 off our Basic Service.

This provision in discounts enables you to take care of the essential repair, while at the same time, direct more funds to providing for the health and safety of your family. If you presently have a need, you can get your FREE Estimates here.


*This special provision is for a limited time only and will never be repeated.

 When this crisis passes, we will resume our regular pricing.


We continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19, and we’re also working hard to make sure our specialist are safe and well, and able to serve you. We’re enforcing safe health practices, and we’ve put company-wide personnel and technology plans in place so we can serve you effectively. We have been deemed an "essential service" by government authorities and are currently open during local shelter-in-place ordinances. Our service is performed in your driveway or parking lot with social distancing implemented.

I hope that this provision will be of use to you and please be diligent in adopting safe health practices.


Speak soon,