A Personal Submarine That Anyone Can Drive

No, it’s not a Formula One car. It’s the all-electric Deepflight Dragon, the world’s most compact individual submarine. It can take riders to depths of up to 400 feet and can fit flawlessly on yachts. Before long, Earth’s last frontier will be simply one more play area for inquisitive people. In spite of the fact that the price of the Deepflight Dragon puts it out of scope of the normal customer, it might simply open up another rental business for tour businesses and resorts. “Everything about the Dragon has been designed for ease-of-use,” said Deepflight founder Graham Hawkes. “It is so intuitively easy to use for the uninitiated, that I think this will become the first submarine that can go into a rental program, where a resort can rent it by the hour.” – Deepflight Dragon


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